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Course Registration

Please note that you can only register for the upcoming Klafreit Habits course through email. If you wish to participate in the course, just write an email to with a short text about who you are and why you would like to participate (easy, 2 sentences are enough). You can also just click the button below for quick email access.

Please scroll down for all information on the course pricing and payment options or click here.

Klafreit Habits Course Structure

This is how it will go

A group of around 6 people comes together over the course of 7 weeks to hold each other accountable for sticking to new healthy habits. The group will benefit from both the pleasant and the sometimes not so pleasant aspects of group dynamics. Picture the ideal environment to finally get stuff moving: Cheering and mutual motivation with just a bit of social pressure teasing here and there. Each participant will be assigned an accountability partner within the group. The group meets once per week for a one-hour check-in call with Anna. During these meetings, Anna will give crash-course-style impulse presentations on everything she knows about habits. This will include topics like personal change management (how people actually change and why they fail at it most of the time), behavioral science (why we do what we do), and of course, Klafreit's signature topic: How to create long-lasting inner peace through healthy habits.

In the Klafreit Habits Course Your Work Literally Pays Off

Lose your streak, lose your money

At Klafreit, we believe that personal development work should be treated like any other job. And jobs usually get paid, right? Well, your job of keeping a healthy habit in the Klafreit Habits course certainly will. You lose money if you do not stick to your pronounced new micro habit. But let's start from the beginning:


Participants of the Habits Course make an investment into their new habit at the very beginning of the course. Everybody is free to choose the amount of their wager freely. It's like they are betting on themselves. The higher the sum of the bet, the more pressure and urgency they will feel to stick to their habit.


All the money from the participant's investments goes into a shared virtual fund among the participants. Each group member gets back the entire sum of their invested money by the end of the course after 7 weeks...but only if they stuck to their habit for the entire course length. If a group member does not complete a week's total streak, the wager for that week (full wager amount/7) is split equally among the other group members.

Here is an example: Imagine a group of 5 participants in the next Klafreit Habits Course. Now let's look at one of those 5 participants: This person invests 70,- € in their 7-week habit streak, so their weekly return on investment would be 10,- € (70,-/7 weeks). Every week this group member and the assigned accountability partner decide if this person has completed their streak for that week. If that is the case, the person gets paid back their weekly investment of 10,- €. If not, the 10,- € gets split equally among the other group participants that have completed their streak that week. If all of the other five group members had completed their streak, that would mean every group member gets 2,50 € from that person's weekly wager (10,- €/4 other participants).

Now, if you do the math, chances are the amount of money one can win for keeping their streak won't be enormous. Thus, it is not so much about the money you can possibly win in the course. It is about the money you can possibly lose. And this makes sense: Money, ultimately, is an investment of energy. When you link money to keeping your habits, as we do in the course, not sticking to your habit becomes much more tangible. Lose your streak, lose your money/energy. In this way, we use the already socially ingrained reward connection between money and well-being for our benefit. It is important to most of us to not lose money. What if losing your streak becomes as important to you?

The most important takeaway with this gamified reward system, however, is not winning or losing money. It is the neuroplasticity that will do its work while participants accumulate days of keeping a habit. After a while, new emotions will be assigned to change. Emotions carrying the feeling of actually getting richer through the cultivation of carefully chosen habits. Investing real money is just the means to an end here. The most important is the psychological connection of "I actually win each time I install change" and, therefore, disrupt the old belief system of "change means losing something".

Course 1 in 2023

Course Dates and Descriptions

Course topics may vary as Anna follows the approach of facilitating which means always working with what is. While she is committed to a pre-structured course design as a guiding line and anchor for everybody in the course, she will allow topics to come up with the flow of the course and provide space for them.


The regular price of the course is 269,- € with everything included and no extra costs.

The payment of the course costs is made after the registration for the course through email. All instructions for the payment procedure will follow through email after the registration. Participants can choose between a regular bank transfer, a Paypal payment or a cash payment and will receive an invoice upon registration.

There are two spots in every course reserved for participants with low-incomes. Once those participants prove their low-income status with a copy of their monthly income upon registration, they qualify for the reduced course price of 116,- €.


The investment participants agree on making on their own behalf as a bet on their habit streak in the first two meetings is not part of the course fee. The facilitator of the course, Anna Sibel Tschapke, does not receive any of that money at no time or any circumstances. She merely collects the ivested sums in the beginning of the course and saves the money as a fund for the group. Please read more about the monetization system in the course program here.

Course Registration

Please note that you can only register for the upcoming Klafreit Habits course through email. If you wish to participate in the course, just write an email to with a short text about who you are and why you would like to participate (easy, 2 sentences are totally enough). You can also just click the button below for a quick email access.

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